World Records By Baba Ram Rahim

Jan 23, 2019

World Records By Baba Ram Rahim

World Records By Baba Ram Rahim

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  • This list of World records by Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Baba Ram Rahim will reinforce your faith in humanity.

    Baba Ram Rahim’s name evokes mixed emotions. But this list, or close to 2 dozen world records made by his organization will make you rise in wonder and amazement. Nobody can really think of world records as this man does. So here we go:-

    Guinness World record for most screenings of Eyes in Annual Eye camp conducted at Dera Sacha Sauda and a whopping 11,715 screenings were conducted in single eye camp, which is one of a kind.

    Other Guinness World Records in the same line read most diabetes and heart screenings.

    Free Eye Surgeries Camp

    GWR for environmental conservation includes, more records have been created here on subsequent occasions too.

    Most Trees planted in just 8 hours by volunteers across the Globe and these are whopping 19,45,535 trees. While till date more than 60 million trees have been planted by them.

    And a couple of blood Donation Guinness world Records for maximum blood donation, to the tunes of lacs of units are donated.

    Apart from these, there have been numerous Asia Book of world records for pledges against corruption, female foeticide, and regular blood donation, organ donation etc.

    While we may find, what’s the big deal. The big deal is these initiatives; motivate people to dowry more and more on these lines. As we know world records are all about breaking each other’s record. And what’s a better way to break records than more and more work for the society. Apparently, this is the reason Baba Ram Rahim chose to use World records to motivate his followers and the world to follow his footsteps. And if many more join the race, to break these records, it will be a win-win situation for all and Baba Ram Rahim would be the happiest man seeing his ideas replicated.

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