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Birth and early life

It is said, “Coming events cast their shadow before” so true the saying is when we talk about the preachers renounce their personal lives and dedicate it to serve the humanity. India is th land of saints & sages and their virtues and goodness depict they would be great saints in future and the same happened. His Holiness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan took birth in one of the most imperial way in a reputed Sikh family settled in core Rajasthan of the country. Dr. MSG was born to most respected Bapu Sardar Maghar Singh Sidhu ji and Mata Nasib Kaur Ji. Parents were abundance with everything but a child at home. His Holiness has taken birth after 18 years of the marriage of the most respected parents. The birth and the early life are full of divinity – the first was the birth day when the room was enlightened with sharp bright light all around in the whole room. It was so commanding that the eyes of in attendance were reigns with the brightness. The maternal Aunt depicts the happiness by dancing and singing in a very natural and appealing way. The entire family and neighbours be in agreement to it that the sacred soul has arrived at their home with celestial qualities on 15th August 1967.
The Parents had a great affinity for the renowned and great prophet of the village, Saint Triveni Das Ji. Delighted by their devotion and services, Saint Triveni Das Ji one day prophesized that they shall be blessed with a son having godly qualities but he will remain with them only for 23 years and then will go for the true path for which he is sent to Earth.
Saint also advised that the son would be a manifestation of Supreme Creator himself, so must not be taken to any reverential place for prayers. In his early life Rev. Saint Dr. MSG started showing the appearance of divinity from his manners and activities.
– Primary clue of celestial powers: One day, Respected Father Lt.Sardar Maghar Singh Ji was heading towards the agricultural fields while carrying the child (Dr. MSG Insan) on his  shoulders. Respected Bapuji got astonished when Dr MSG disclosed certain facts about the ancestral land happened years before his birth.  Bapu Ji then realized that the child is not an ordinary one but with divine powers.
– Initiation to the spiritual world: However the family was very religious and instilling moral values in Him from the very beginning but there was something veiled behind the curtain and disclosed when the maternal Aunt took him a visit to Sri Jalalana Sahib where the second Master of Dera Sacha Sauda Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj used to preach and impart the method of meditation to the people. When His Holiness met Param Pita ji , the chapter of spirituality opened and Dr. MSG was graced with the holy GuruMantra from Param Pita Ji on March 31, 1974. Dr. MSG recognized the divine rays of supreme power in Param Pita Ji  and Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj recognized the  spiritual linkage in Dr. MSG insan henceforth established the able successor of the Royal Throne.
– Personality out of the box: studies about the early life of St.Dr MSG insan reveal that the man was not of words only. His life approach portrays the person is an ‘out of box’. ‘Imagines – create- well use’ were the life constitution he set for him. Whole town curved in front of his deeds mostly for the welfare of others. If we have a glance of his school days we come to know He was not only a brilliant student in studies but proved an excellent Admin for overall development of the school including sports, curricular and extracurricular activities. Even in the tender age of seven-eight, he was so adroit and dexterous in driving the tractor for agricultural purposes in fields and ranches. The tremendous abilities developed in his childhood still showcase the strong management he implemented in Dera Sacha Sauda . From saving girl child to saving womanhood from prostitution, from cleaning campaigns to child welfare, from divine music to film-making. His each work is reached beyond next level and achieved record breaking success.