Objective of Life

The moment His Holiness glanced Rev. Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, His Holiness set the objective of his life. He learned true life spending is to welfare others and to put all Physical and mantle powers to serve humanity. In order to put the mission into actionable and measurable terms His Holiness set some objectives. Dera Sacha Sauda a socio- spiritual organization is working in service to humanity and it is one of the important things is to understand the flaws in present society. So with the help of well managed team of volunteers (follows his philosophy and deeds) He started 133 welfare works. These welfare works are the roadmaps to streamline the ultimate vision of Dera Sacha Sauda. Well developed strategies are set in all over India and in foreign countries to fulfil the targets. His Holiness Spirituality in itself encompasses practical steps on a daily basis. Among the 50 million gathers in Sirsa, Haryana, thousands made the commitment to donate their organs, blood, practice honesty and fairness in our worldly dealings and to live our lives as committed insan, which means one who lives for others. The Assembly of Dera Sacha Sauda headed by His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan continues to reflect simplicity and truthfulness and adoption of virtues in the form of 115 welfare works, are the regular practices of his followers like: (Cleaning Campaign, Tree Plantation and to sustain the grown one, to buit homes for homeless, de-addiction, to stop female feticide, to donate dead bodies for medical Researches, Eye Donation to enlighten other’s life )which guide us to be fully human. This is only He whose powerful inspirations made 65000 people to pledge for Kidney donation after death…  Read More


In order to put forth the vision into reality His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan fix on the mission by starting up 133 welfare works at Dera Sacha Sauda. He raised the slogan against female feticide. In order to fasten the mission into reality he started rallies and ‘satsang’ programs in almost all villages, towns, remote areas and in urban settings. He awaken masses against the ill-will practices that may harm the society and nature surround. It was the historical step taken by His Holiness when he stuffed ‘SILVER SCREEN’ with the variety of ‘spiritual-glamour-blend’ in 2015 . He felt the youth is the ultimate power to develop the society and to reach them visual media is the best support. His all movies posses the lesson of morality and nationalism.

Cleanliness Earth Campaign

Guruji revealed that the main aim behind the campaign is to make people aware of sanitation & cleanliness. Guruji also added that the Dera had started the drive 3 years ago . Guruji expressed his willingness to clean Yamuna River & other religious cities too. Revered Guruji stated that our country will be on the top of all if its citizens keep it clean & abide with traffic rules

Blood Donations

The last three largest blood donation drives in the world were from Dera Sacha Sauda. Motivated and spurred by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, Guruji cites the donation of blood, imparting of knowledge, help of the sick and infirm, help during natural calamities and voluntary work done by us ourselves in the aid of others as the true charity. Dera Sacha Sauda is also a largest blood donor agency for the Indian Armed Forces since May 2006.

Tree Plantation Campaign

Everybody loves the views with wonderful nature & they adore the beauty of nature. So instead of destroying it, be the part of Mega Tree Plantation Campaign & beautify nature. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan teaches all to plant a single tree on every special occasion; birth day, marriage anniversary etc. & that single tree will not cost you much but will be a life giving source to you & upcoming generations.

Stop Prostitution

The poor and hapless women, who were exploited and abused by society, would be re-integrated into the social mainstream by this unique initiative. Human trafficking has caused a demonic commodification of helpless girls who are often sold into this trade.
Heeding to Guruji’s call to help those who are forced into prostitution, Around 1500 young men have stepped forward to marry and thus rehabilitate those who want to quit sex work and make a fresh beginning in life. Hundreds of families publicly committed to legally adopt them as their sisters and daughters. Likewise, scores of family have offered to legally adopt the children of unmarried sex workers, irrespective of their gender.
This event on 25th January was unique and the first in history with over 10 million Dera members cheering and celebrating this groundbreaking event of marriages of emancipated sex workers with young eligible bachelors to amalgamate them in the mainstream of the society.
This day coincides with the birthday celebrations of the previous preceptor saint, Shah Satnamji Maharaj. Apart from the event itself it shall spread awareness in the society that such girls who were forced to enter prostitution are welcome back to join the society. This will usher in a global program against such social evils.

Empowering acid attack victims

Taking an initiative for the acid attack victims, Revered Guru ji Saint Gurmeet Rahim Singh Ji Insan said in a religious congregation at at Barnawa, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday 4th January that the Dera would adopt them and provide state -of -the -art treatment to acid attack victims from specialised doctors.

Apart from that Dera will also help them begin a new life by arranging their marriages with Dera followers, Bhagat Yodhas (Warrior devotees), young men who volunteer to marry disadvantaged women.

Question & Answers

If Satguru (supreme saints) are free from the cycle of birth and death, then why do they come to this world again and again?

Saints are free from the cycle of births and deaths. They are actually a manifestation of God himself. They do not take birth due to their accumulated deeds, but they come here due to the humble request of suffering humanity to liberate them. Therefore they have to take human form just for the sake of the liberation of helpless souls.

What is meant by luck? Can it be changed?

The cycle of karmas are very vast, which can never be diminished without the  mercy and kindness of Satguru. We have to suffer the affects of bad deeds of past births during this present birth. Moreover, new deeds of present birth are also being added to the total of past deeds. This system is known as his fate or luck. If a man adopts Gurumantra and does selfless service to humanity, then and only then he can get rid from this vicious cycle of life and death.

Can supreme saints shed light on the past deeds of a person?

Yes, supreme saints can reveal the past deeds of human beings. Because they are not different from God and there is nothing hidden from them. They can reveal all the good and bad deeds of human beings done by him during his present birth or even during past births, but they never reveal the secrets of others.

In which life a man is born after death?

According to one’s deeds the soul enjoys paradise and suffers hell and then again it is pushed into the vicious cycle of births and deaths that number eighty four lakhs. Those souls have to take birth in the form of vegetation irrespective of the fact that whether it has come from paradise or hell. After circulating through all types of vegetation then the soul transmigrates into insects and then birds and then animals and ultimately becomes man in the end. This all system takes centuries to complete. Such a predicament befalls those people who have never been bestowed with the blessings of any perfect saint and are roaming without the boon of Naam (Gurumantra). However, sometimes Almighty grants these writhing souls, his mercy and bestows them the human form directly, so that they may get salvation . This way those all souls which are granted Gurumantra by the perfect saint are saved from the vicious cycle of life and death.